[Announcement] Break the Stigma






Sorry for the late announcement, guys!

Okay, since no one managed to publish their story before January 21st and I also decided to end this challenge, so… yeah… no winner, and I’ll just keep the rewards for another challenge (maybe, since I’m pretty much busy with my own project and work right now).

Anyway, I’ll just keep the challenge open as a writing project. So… no reward, but you can still write things about it and tag it to me (if you want to write though. This challenge is pretty hard, so I try to understand that too. And sorry if I haven’t be able to read it). But basically, I keep it open because I still have some issues to write (but apparently, not enough time /sigh/).

Anyway, you can check the challenge (well, writing project now) here.

Thanks for your attention and see ya!


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