10 Day Blog Challenge: Two Recent Pictures

Day 9: Two Recent Pictures


The most random post and picture ever!





Screencaps and translation from Min Yoongi’s random tweets party last night. I saved this before 12 a.m. (so I guess it’s count?) and actually I wanna post the original tweets. But I’ll just post this so you can understand his tweets and see his cuteness ugh. My boy is so adorable I can’t ASGDHFKKSLSHSLAKL (okay, let’s stop it right here)




Simply: just because this picture is soooo nice and I love it the most among all of the pictures that I saved into my phone yesterday ♡




Okay, my bad, I actually forgot to schedule this post yesterday since I was on travel back to Yogya and had a bad mood + a lot of dizziness. But I really saved those pictures yesterday, and I decided to use it for this post and replace the original two pictures that I had pick (those two are the most recent ones, tbh, so I just used it)

Well, see ya and sorry for the totally random pictures!


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