10 Day Blog Challenge: Three Things You Want To Say To Three Different People


Day 8: Three Things You Want To Say To Three Different People Right Now






  • Silent Readers and Likers

Since I’m already beyond pissed off, I will put the initial of your username here, dear. Yes, you, the one with username HB and Z, don’t you have any shame? I don’t know if you actually read my post or not, but if you aren’t, please stop liking. Or if you already read it, leave a fucking comment, both of you. I won’t consider “Like” as an appreciation from you two anymore, not because you don’t even see me as someone who struggle hard to write. What’s my posts to you? Just something to make you dashboard seems full? If you can appreciate others properly, just fuck off then. Seeing your username every single day only make me angrier.

  • A betrayer

For someone in my real life with the initial E, if you only see me as someone who doesn’t worth to be trusted, you too, just get the fuck out from my life. I don’t know what’s going on in your mind, but now, you’ve lost your chance to explain yourself. I don’t care, I won’t care. Friends, huh? Stop calling me and your other friends as “friends”, since you only see us like some side-player in your life. Just go on, keep making your own decision, keep betraying us, and keep thinking that we don’t worth to be in your life. And stop acting so nice and good and friendly and like you have the best attitude in this world. You’re not. You already made so many people angry and nearly broke down, so just go away since I’m tired to pretend that I’m a nice person who can accept all of that. I’m not. You don’t know what I can actually do, so just go before I throw much more insults than this.

  • The one who make this challenge a.k.a Kak Yeni!

The only fluffy point (?) in this post. Since 2016 is almost over, I want to say thank you to you, my dear sister *chu*. We already know each other for two years, and I really hope that there will be more in the future. Thanks for always being there, even though maybe I’m the most annoying, bitchy, and difficult person in this world. Thanks for not giving up being my friend, for always forgiving me even though you might be getting bored with the amount of “sorry” that I’ve said. Sorry if I made a lot a mistakes (which is, I’m pretty sure, there are a ton of it hahaha), and sorry if I bothering you a lot. You know that I didn’t mean it, deep down from my heart, right?

Okay, I know this letter might sound cheesy, but please do know that I’ve been wanted to write this since a long time ago. Many things happened this year, and of course, I can’t say that next year will be much better (I’m still that pessimist, I guess), but I wish we can still be friend. I wish I can be a better friend, even though I doubt that a lot. Once again, I’m sorry, thank you, and I love you (?).

Last but not least, happy (early) new year, Kak Yeni! ❤


One thought on “10 Day Blog Challenge: Three Things You Want To Say To Three Different People

  1. jennyberrywood

    Wow wow wow 😮
    Kenapa fluffy dan cheesy??? *seketika merinding*
    But thanks for the letter. Thanks for being my friend too 😁
    Udah ah aku gak mau cheesy2 juga *merinding pt 2* happy new year nya nanti aja ya tgl 31 😄😄


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