10 Day Blog Challenge: Four Guilty Pleasures


Day 7: Four Guilty Pleasures


They called guilty pleasures, but honestly, I only feel the pleasures.




  • Cheese-burger and fries

I have sooo much love for cheese-burger and french fries. It’s my number one guilty pleasures everytime I have a bad-mood or everytime I go hang-out with my friends.

  • Buying too much novels

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry my wallet (put Stigma by Kim Taehyung as the background music). I barely can hold myself everytime I go to bookstore or online shopping. Even now, I have like… ten novels that I haven’t read and I still buy more.

  • Singing too loud or went to karaoke too often

Another guilty pleasures every single time I go hang-out. Last time, I spent about three hours singing in karaoke. Or sometimes, I just sing really loud at home and lost my voice after that lmao. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry (again), my throat.

  • Coffee

I really love coffee, like a lot. But coffee is kinda like alcohol for me. I’ll have hangover (?) the next day, I’ll have this “I-want-to-vomit” and dizzy feeling. But I still drink coffee, especially the black one/espresso/americano when I’m stressed out.




okay, three posts left!!


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