10 Day Blog Challenge: Five Turn Offs



Day 6: Five Turn-Offs


Don’t feel like you’re being diss or targeted, I just do the challenge.




  1. People who make excessive jokes. Well, judge me that I can’t take joke or too serious for this life. But some people can really be so annoying with their jokes, especially jokes about sensitive or triggering material. The one who I hate the most? That person who make mental illness as a joke.
  2. Racist people. Because seriously, it’s almost 2017 and you’re still fucking close-minded and stupid? This kind of people annoy me the most, especially the one who think that their own opinion are the best and rightful one.
  3. People who hate animal, hate as in they don’t think of them as living being with feeling. I lost my cat once, and there is this person who just easily said “Lost? Oh, well.. can’t be helped, right?” then laughed after that. I still despise that person ’till now, are you a fucking retard or what??
  4. People who can’t see others’ opinions or stories first. You can judge me as much as you want, but only, I repeat, ONLY after you hear my stories and reasons. Some people really can’t do this kind of thing, and believe me, I know countless of people who just jump into the hate wagon right after they hear some bad words about me from their best friends. To those kind of people: don’t you dare to say that you’re better or nicer than me.
  5. People without commitment and people who broke their promise. As I have read somewhere: “trust is a state when someone agreed to make his/herself vunerable to others”. So, when you broke that, or you show that you’ve no commitment towards your own words, you better apologize (since maybe, I can also make this mistake; but I always intend to apologize when someone remind me or when I realize it by myself).

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