10 Day Blog Challenge: Six Ways To Win Your Heart



Day 5: Six Ways to Win Your Heart





  1. You really want to win my heart. I’m a difficult person, I can be so bitchy sometimes. If you don’t think you can handle that, you better back off rather than try to put some fake act with me.
  2. Know when and what to talk. I can’t stand people who talk too much, or to be exact: people who don’t know when to stop talking. If I give you this “my mood is bad” or “I’m not interested with the topic” vibe, you better understand and stop immediately. I’ll respect you and also do the same thing (like, tell me you hate to talk about A and I’ll respect that), so let’s find a topic that we can talk together.
  3. Don’t judge me, not when you don’t even know my reason. I have a pretty difficult and mysterious (?) personality, so don’t judge me immediately. You can ask me about my reason behind my action though, and you can just judge me afterward (and note that I might judge you too. I’m not a nice person, and after all, human do judge each other right?)
  4. Be respectful. One thing that I hate the most are people who don’t even use their head and take all the matters with joking attitude and disrespect others. If I say that I want to talk seriously, then take it seriously. I can be serious too, so if you decide to mock that, I might put you in my blacklist immediately. Same thing apply to people who read my stories. If you read it till the end, then do leave some comments. I can really get bitter over this matter, tbh.
  5. Don’t give me too much of your attention. Weird? Yes. But since I’m a total introvert, there are time when I prefer to be silent and easily get annoyed with too much attention. So you can give it to me, but not too much and (of course!) not too little.
  6. Last but not least, give me some sweetness. Sweet as in ice cream, chocolate, milk, etc. And sweet as in you give me some unexpected give, chat me when I had a bad mood, try to lift up my spirit, and all those kind of sweetness. Sweet just like a fluffy fic, but not that cheesy either. I’ll like that kind of attention a lot.




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