10 Day Blog Challenge: Eight Places You Want To Visit

Day 3: Eight Places You Want To Visit


UK, France, South Korea, Greece, Italia, USA, Swiss




  • London, UK

London will always be my dream city ever. I always want to visit London someday, then go to see Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, ride London Eye, visit all of the museum, and of course, the King’s Cross Station to see platform 9 3/4!!!





  • Paris, France

The first tourist attraction that will jump into your head: Eiffel Tower. But no, it’s not Eiffel Tower that make me want to visit Paris (even though if I really can visit Paris, of course I’ll go there lol). But places that I really want to visit will be Louvre Museum, Arc de Triomphe, and Notre Dame cathedral.





  • Busan, South Korea

Why Busan? Well, of course I want to go (and work and live too if I can) in Seoul, but I always want to visit Busan. Maybe because my twin brother (aka Park Jimin) and most of my bias came from Busan (yeah, I know you’re from Daegu, Min Yoongi. It’s okay, I still love you)? Idk, but I want to go to Haeundae beach and the Trick Eye Museum too (I just found out about this and it’s so cool!!)





  • Athens, Greece

Did I already said that I’m a sucker for mythology and museum and all those old monuments? No? Well, by this point, I think you can guess why I want to visit Athens. The capital city of Greece, place where all those ruins and ancient buildings and all belong. The Acropolis and Parthenon is a must see ofc, as well as the temple for gods, and the museum, and… I guess I’ll stop here or this part will gonna be so long.





  • Monemvasia + Delos Island, Greece

Still in Greece, I also want to visit Monemvasia and Delos Island. Both of this island are beautiful and unique, so of course I can’t miss it. Monemvasia because this island have a hidden town in one side of the island, and the sight and the little town itself is pretty (just like some town from fantasy story). Delos because I recently used this island as a background for my own fiction (I want to go to the amphitheater there!); and because Delos is an important place for the myths of Apollo-Artemis (my favorite Greek’s Gods).






  • Rome, Italy

Same with Greece, because Greek Gods and Roman Gods are basically tied with each other and Rome also have a lot of beautiful place and architecture to be seen. The point of interests will be the Colosseum of course, as well as the museums. Oh, and I read that you can have a trip to Pompeii from Rome? I’d loved to go there, then.





  • New York, USA

Because it’s New York? It’s a big town that never rest, and I always want to know how it’s feel to live your life there. Actually, I had visited New York once, back then when I was… two or three years old (maybe). I went to the Liberty Statue, but I can’t remember anything about that right now. So, if I can, I want to visit New York again. I want to visit the Liberty Statue (again), the Central Park, the Empire State Building, and my point interest (as you can guess): The Met aka Metropolitan Museum of Art!! It’s like… the coolest museum ever aside Louvre (and I only saw it from Google Maps) and it’s so big and it’s seems like you can found any kind of things from history there??




  • Swiss Alps, Swiss

Last but not least, the Swiss Alps. I got obsessed with this place after I watch SHINee’s One Fine Day, where Taemin went to skydive in this place. Swiss Alps have a really beautiful landscape, and there are a lot of snow there. But still, my goal is: skydiving. I want to go skydive, I want to jump from the plane too even if I might be a little scared. But I still want to skydive.





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