10 Day Blog Challenge: Nine Books You Want To Read

Day 2: Nine Books You Want To Read


Current interest: Fantasy-Mythology and life-story-and-youth-themed novels




The Lunar Chronicles: Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

I already read the first book, Cinder, since months ago; and now, I finally have the chance to continue read this series! The title is “want to read”, but I’m already halfway through the second book actually. Well, I guess it can still apply to the third and fourth book, right?

Reason why I want to read it: because currently, I write a fiction about a spy academy with all those modern-and-futuristic-technology, and this series can be pretty helpful. Aside for that, I just love the way the author made a new story based on classic fairy tales such as Cinderella and The Red Riding Hood.

The Kane Chronicles: The Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan

An Egypt-mythology-based novel series, right after I finished all those Greek-mythology-based novels. I finished the first book a few days ago, and the second book in Kane Chronicles, The Throne of Fire, is already there in my e-book list, waiting to be read.

Reason why I want to read it: Well, I always love to learn about mythology and their gods (and Anubis is kinda hot but let’s forget that for a moment), so why not? Beside, reading Rick Riordan’s novels is a good way to learn more about myth and other country’s culture. Another point: he made a really good story line and an intriguing adventure + cliff hanger.

Magnus Chase and The Gods of Asgard by Rick Riordan

No, I haven’t buy this series nor download the e-book yet. Not now because Magnus Chase are based on Norse mythology, which is (of course) different from Greek and Egypt.

Reason why I want to read it: It’s on the same universe as Percy Jackson series and Kane Chronicles, and Magnus Chase itself is Annabeth Chase’s cousin (yeah, that girl from Percy Jackson series). I will read this series too one day, maybe after I finished The Kane Chronicles and deemed myself as ready to learn another mythology (because really, Egyptian and their gods are sooo complicated, huhuhu)

Trials of Apollo: The Dark Prophecy by Rick Riordan

Don’t be bored, because yes, this is another series by Uncle Rick and yes, this is a Greek one, yeaaay! I still love Greek mythology the most, and Apollo is (kinda hot) and he’s my favorite Olympian ever, and this whole series is about him so…. (insert every kind of fangirl’s noises here)

Reason why I want to read it: The Dark Prophecy is the second book in this series, which is will be published next year. I already read the first book, The Hidden Oracle, and I love it so much. Seeing things from Apollo’s point of view is hilarious, and I can’t wait to see Artemis (Apollo’s twin sister) to make her appearance. Another reason: because Percy made an appearance too, and because Nico di Angelo (one of my favorite from Percy Jackson series) is also there he he he.

School of Good and Evil: The Last Ever After by Soman Chainani

The last and final book in this trilogy!! Bought the book months ago, and currently are in the top three of my holiday reading list.

Reason why I want to read it: School of Good and Evil is a fantasy book, about a two school, one for the good ones, another for the evil, who later will be the main character in a fairy tale. The plot itself is quite interesting, but I put a lot of interest on it after I read the second book. And since the second one ended with a cliff-hanger, I guess I need to read this final book as soon as possible.


Harry Potter and The Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling

The screenplay for the theater play! Already had the e-book, but haven’t finished to read it. Since it is a screenplay, the feeling is kinda different from a normal novel.

Reason why I want to read it: Because I haven’t finished it yet, because it’s a novel in Harry Potter universe, and because I ship Scorpius and Albus Severus. Oh, one more, because I miss this universe so much and I want to know about what happened in this magical world nineteen years after the Hogwarts War. I guess I just need time to be “comfortable” with the screenplay format, though.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Screenplay) by J.K. Rowling

Another screenplay, and this time it’s for the film. This book is different from the previous Fantastic Beasts hand-book, and I really want to have it (in book version not only e-book) because the cover is so beautiful huhuhu.

Reason why I want to read it: Newt Scamander. Yes him, the adorable main-character. I’m head over heels for this guy, I think. Also, this book is about wizarding world around the world, and we get to know other magical schools aside from Hogwarts. But again, I need to be comfy with the screenplay format first.

Falling into Place by Amy Zhang

A young-adult, journey about youth and life novel. If you ever read my fiction, you’ll know why I immediately fall in love with the synopsis of this book. Oh, and it’s already in my holiday reading list, too!

Reason why I want to read it: Basically the life-themed, and I just want to know how other author wrote this kind of story. Since I also love to write about life (especially the dark one), I guess I’ll love this book and might get one or two (or maybe more) insight from it.

Demian by Herman Hesse

Yeah, that one book that Bangtan used as a concept to their album. And no, I decided to read this not because of them (well, they did introduce me to this book, though); but because Demian itself is a story about journey into adulthood and about how we learn to understand life.

Reason why I want to read it: Same as before, I want to see other writer’s perspective. Not only that, Demian is a classic novel. The language itself is beautiful and a little bit difficult to understand (I already read it halfway actually, then got cut because I have so many tasks and exam and it’s not a good time to read such a deep and meaningful book). I guess I’ll continue to read this book in my holiday, since I got a lot of things to learn from the first three chapter only.



fiuh, that’s all! It’s hard to pick nine books (which is actually not nine because I put all kind of series there, but whatever); and I hope I can finished all of those books this holiday.

see you tomorrow, then!


2 thoughts on “10 Day Blog Challenge: Nine Books You Want To Read

  1. Kak amer…….aku bahkan ga tau ada novel Uncle Rick yang nyeritain dari sudut pandang Apollo /cries a river/ Apollo is one of my fav charas in Percy (selain Nico ohoho) but why ;;;; Kak Amer, lemme hug you aku jadi tau novelnya ((lalu brb nyari e-booknya))


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