10 Day Blog Challenge: Ten Things About Yourself



Day 1: Ten Things About Yourself


Observer. Cat-like. Writer. Outlier. Straight-forward.

Space. Music. Nature. Coffee. Books.




  1. I think of myself as an observer. I don’t really like to talk much (except with people who really really close to me), and I prefer to watch others instead. I watch everything, every single thing. I observe how people talk, what are they talking about, how they interact, anything. I also observe random things, as random as what is my cat currently doing. The reason? Well, I believe that observing things will give you broader perspective about life and it’s kinda bring a lot of idea.
  2. I have a cat-like personality. Sometimes I can be self-centered, sometimes I craved a lot of affection. But mostly, I tend to not give a fuck with people around me. I try to do what I want to do, I can easily got defensive if people start to insult me. I’m a total introvert. Oh, and I can sleep a lot (even though I barely sleep at night).
  3. WriterNo need to give a lot of explanation, but I love writing and it’s still one of my biggest dream to be achieved.
  4. Since I never see myself as someone with normal life and way of thinking, I come to like this term to describe myself. An outlier, or someone who prefer to live outside the conformity. Maybe that’s because I over-think and over-analyze things, maybe I am that obsessive with things that going on inside my mind. A part of me think and see this world differently from others, thing that sometimes make me feel like an outsider. An anomaly. But still, if I have a chance to be someone normal, I guess I will say “no, thank you”. I love my mind, I love how things inside my head are so wild and different. I don’t want to be “just like others“.
  5. These past years, I have more tendency and urge to just spit out everything that I want. I criticize a lot, I like to be blunt about things (especially negative things), I curse a lot too. Yeah, I am that straight-forward.
  6. Let’s start with things that I love. First one, space. I’m a huge space-lover, I love everything about the sky and the space and the mystery of the universe. I love to just stand there, staring at the blue sky, the sunrise, the sunset, the clouds, the moon, stars, planets, and anything visible by naked eye. I love to just google about universe, about the galaxy, about the beauty that’s unreachable. I can spend hours watching video about space, and then thinking about how to connect that beauty and the secrets of life together.
  7. Things that I love number two: music. It’s something that I can’t live without, something that accompany me during writing and doing things. I also used to learn music back then, and I still want to learn about it if I have a chance. After all, music is something that will always feel honest and can be used to expressed both the bright and the dark side of our life.
  8. The third, natureAlmost same with the space, nature is good. Nature can calm me down, helps me to take things slowly and think more about life. It gives me a lot of idea, it colors my life when everything seems so dull. Landscape like beach, mountain, and trees are my favorite, along with the four seasons and its magic.
  9. Coffee. My favorite drink ever aside tea and vanilla milk. But I like coffee more. Coffee is my favorite. Coffee that can be bad for me (I already have trouble with sleep and I can be more wide awake because coffee), coffee that I need to consume so I can get through the bad things in my life. I love coffee, and I love the black one more.
  10. Last but not least, books! This will be our topic for the blog challenge tomorrow, but I can’t take this part out while talking about myself. I write a lot, and I also read a lot. I love books, I love the smell of the paper and the way they take me to a whole new world. Books are good for running away from this wicked world, books are something that can make me stay sane.




okay, that’s ten!

see you tomorrow, then! ❤


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