The Neighbors: Introduction



The Neighbors: Introduction






Nicholaus William


Dark brown hair. Dark green eyes. 177 cm in height.

Slightly introvert person who seems to hate a lot of things. Has a lot of sarcasm jokes. Looks like he doesn’t care, but actually care too much. A realistic person. Admit that he doesn’t have any hobbies or things that he likes. Works as a bartender.






Althea Collins


Brown hair. Emerald green eyes. 160 cm in height.

An ambivert; she can be outgoing at one time, then demands me-time at the other time. According to Nick, she has a personality that’s difficult to understand. A nature and music lover. Has a habit of overthinking, but not brave enough to let it out. Works as a freelance-photographer.



akhirnya intro di-post :”

will be back soon with this series!


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