[Chapter 6] Messed Up: Epilogue—Reminiscing Past


last but not least, the epilogue for their journey into adulthood.

BTS Fanfiction Indonesia

messed up - tsukiyamarisa


written by tsukiyamarisa


All of BTS’ members

Chaptered | AU, Life, Friendship, slight!Angst and Dark | 17 (for trigger warning: suicidal thoughts, drinking, self-harm, panic attack, etc.)

loosely based on Run MV and HYYH Prologue

[!] Please read the author’s note at the end of the story.


But what is a friendship?

Something that collide with us, or something that stay with us during collision?


previous: #1: This Is Not Where We Started | #2: Of Reality and Unacceptability | #3: Crossing Paths and The Butterfly Effect | #4: Our Youth… | #5: …and What’s Left Behind

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