[H-Fic] A Short Argument About Turtle



for prompt: turtle at notreland


Min Yoongi x Park Minha

Hogwarts!AU, Fluff




“I’m really sorry! Seriously, I didn’t mean to!”

For the third time that night, Minha shouted her apologize while trying to hold her laugh. She failed, anyway. It wasn’t easy, not when her attention was drawn toward that little creature in the sofa. Green, with hard shell like shield and four short legs.

“I mean, I’m only practicing for my Transfiguration class and….” The girl took a deep breath, patting the turtle’s shell softly. “…really, I’m sorry, Yoongi.”

Yoongi didn’t say anything. The said turtle decided to walk away, moving out a little before hide his head and legs inside the shell. Stay silent, while Minha could only shook her head and took her book from the table. Reading the instruction inside, before calmly said, “Don’t be mad at me, okay? According to this book, the effect will fade out tomorrow morning.”

Yoongi still didn’t say anything.

“Yoongi… it’s just for one night, okay? I would still allow you to sleep in my room and—“

“But why me?” Finally, Yoongi decided to cut Minha’s word. Succesfully made the girl jumped, eyes darting to the left side of the sofa in Slytherin’s common room. A boy sat there, certainly unpleased with this conversation. “Why, in the name of Merlin, you transfigured me into a turtle?”


“And why, in the first place, you named that teddy bear with my name?”

“Eh—“ Minha could only cocked her head, trying to look as innocent as possible. “…because it’s a present from you? And I loved it so much?”

Yoongi groaned, silently cursed while looking at the turtle that stayed still beside him. He couldn’t believe that Minha had just transformed a teddy bear into a turtle. A teddy bear named Yoongi, in top of that. Even though this matter was childish, Yoongi didn’t lie when he said that his pride was hurt.

“So, I’m a turtle now? Am I that ugly or—“

“Not ugly,” said Minha, trying to brighten up the mood with a pat on human-Yoongi’s head and soft peck on the cheek. “It’s just both of you are always sleepy….”




“…and it’s kinda adorable, you know?”



pointless lol tapi accidentally udah jadi aja setelah meminjam prompt dari kak Yeni…. yaudah deh di-post aja wkwk


2 thoughts on “[H-Fic] A Short Argument About Turtle

  1. kirain belum pagi dan yoongi udah berubah aja lagi, tapi ternyata ada orang ketiga /atau ga bisa disebut orang juga sih/ yang namanya yoongi juga, wk. Tingkat jealous nya yoongi ternyata tinggi ya, eh atau pride nya? Gitu deh. Dicium ya, seneng kan?


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