[H-Fic] Of Midnight Attack and Her Guardian



Park Minha x Park Jimin x Min Yoongi

Hogwarts!AU, Family, slight!Fluff | Vignette | T

un-betaed, excuse my grammar and the weird plot




The clock had just struck twelve when it happen.

It was late, and Minha had just finished her homework. Alone, walking from the library to the Slytherin’s dungeon. The corridor was empty, but having lived in Hogwarts for nearly four years, she didn’t feel afraid anymore.

Except, she never thought that someone would attack her.

The curse nearly hit her, almost made her petrified if she hadn’t moved back and quickly pulled out her own wand. Raising it up, eyes darting to the left and right cautiously. She hadn’t expect this, not even knew why someone had a nerve to launch an attack in Hogwarts. One part of her mind hoped that someone—a teacher or prefect—would come before everything’s getting too big. Yet, she was alone. Still alone until—



Two charms met in the air, the red one immediately faded away. Minha silently grumbled, tried her best to mutter some protection charms. A minute passed, and then she saw two girls—with red-and-gold tie—came out from their hiding.

“As expected from Park Minha, hm?” One of them said, crossed her arms and laughed a little. “But… protego? Why? You don’t have a nerve to use some bad curses?”

“Sssh! If you said it like that, she will use it. Another… sectumsempra, maybe?”

Minha only gritted her teeth, watching her two classmates who laughed harder. They were trying to make her lose control, and Minha knew that she shouldn’t. Yet, Minha herself wasn’t the most patient person in this world, so….

“A fourth year, using curses like sectumsempra and expulso. I heard that your family was on the dark side, once. No wonder that you could use it too, hm? Were they teached you to use unforgiveable curses as well?”

It was too much.

As a pure-blood, Minha knew that some of her families—maybe one of her father’s cousin—were in the dark side. But hey, it was a long time ago. They never really met nor talked to each other. And about thoses curses….

…well, Minha read it, okay? It was in one of her book, and today, during their Defense Against Dark Arts class, she accidentally used it. They were battling against some fucking creepy creatures in the wood, and Minha didn’t have any choice but to beat them. Basically, she didn’t broke any rule though. She didn’t use it to attack human, and her professor—even though he was a little surprised—had praised her afterwards. So, Minha didn’t understand why—

“Still deciding whether to attack us or not?” The girl, one with curly hair, said with a mocking tone. “Because if you don’t protect yourself, maybe I can….”

Petrificus totalus!

Before Minha could hear the rest of her words, someone had shouted the curses and made the said girl petrified. She was as hard as rock now, lying in the corridor while her eyes moved panickly. Surprised, Minha turned her head and saw her brother—standing not far from her with his wand in one hand.


“I don’t really want to attack my own Gryffindor housemates,” Jimin said, glanced a little at Minha. “But no one should attack my twin sister.”

“And no one should act like a bitch, or I’ll reduce their house points.”

Those sentences were enough, not to mention that Yoongi was also present at the scene. Standing there, Yoongi let his eyes watched the scene in front of him before sighing heavily.

“Attacking someone would reduce your house points,” added Yoongi, flicked his wand so that the petrified girl back to her normal self. “So, reduce ten points from Gryffindor, each. Now, go.”

“We don’t accept an order from Slytherin.” One of the girl hissed, helping her friend to get up. “You can’t reduce our—”

“Surprisingly, I’m a fucking prefect.” Yoongi shrugged, pointing at his prefect badge and grinning lazily. “You two attacked a prefect’s girlfriend. Consider yourself lucky—” Another flicked of wand. “—that I’m tired enough and don’t really want to drag this matter.”

The two girls didn’t budge.

“Or should I curse you and make your ugly face uglier?”

A scoffed was heard, but the two girls ran away nevertheless. Leaving Yoongi, while Jimin checking out on his twin sister for possible injuries. Panic was clear in his voice, until Minha pat his shoulder and offered a smile.

“I’m fine, really.”


“Hey, you don’t need to feel bad, you know?” Minha shrugged, showing that she was perfectly fine. “Just because they are your housemates—”

“They said that Slytherin is bad,” Jimin mumbled, a little bit ashamed. “But right now, I’ll give everything to be a Slytherin. Our whole family were Slytherins, so why the Hat sorted me into Gry—”

“Because you’re nice and brave,” Minha cutted, pinching her brother’s cheek. “I don’t really think that the way Sorting Hat sorted us was important, though. Some Slytherins can be nice inside, like how some Gryffindors can be rotten inside.”

“True.” Yoongi added, cocked his head a little. “I won’t reduce a point from you, Jimin. Thanks for saving her.”

“It should be me who say thanks. For being there, since it is hard for me to take care of Minha.”

“Stop it, it’s getting cheesy, guys.”

Turning their head, both Jimin and Yoongi laughed at Minha’s expression. The girl could only rolled her eyes, but she let Jimin ruffled her hair. Making sure that she was okay, before deciding to go back to his own house.

“Yeah, better go now before some teachers found you down here.” Yoongi agreed, putting his arm around Minha’s shoulder to pull her closer. “I’ll take care of her.”

“Okay. See you tomorrow, then.”

Waving his hand, Jimin started to walk away. Leaving Yoongi who still had his arm around Minha’s short figure, trying to land a peck on Minha’s forehead when—

“I said thanks, but that didn’t mean you can kiss her, Min Yoongi!”



…it seemed like they had to wait to get some cuddling, right?



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