[H-Fic] Definitely (Not) A Date



Kim Seokjin x Lee Yein

Hogwarts!AU, Fluff | Ficlet | T




“Don’t look back, Lee Yein. Don’t. Don’t look back, don’t look back, don’t—”


Oh, damn! Go away, Kim Seokjin!

It was a cold afternoon, yet Yein could feel her cheeks started to heat up. Seokjin’s voice was like a charm that made her automatically wanted to walk faster, but immediately failed since the corridor was packed with students.


“No, no. Please don’t call me.” Yein shook her head, tried to squished herself between some second grade students who had just finished Herbology class. All of them were sweaty, with smell of dirt and dragon dung fertiliser. But still, Yein prefered to squish herself between them and—

“Hey, Yein!”

Someone patted her shoulder, made Yein instantly frozed. She didn’t dare to turn her head, not when she was a hundred percent sure that Kim Seokjin was standing there. Right behind her, so close since the corridor was still half-full.

So, she only stood there.

Waiting until all the students moved from the corridor, and eventually, letting Seokjin to move as well. The man was standing in front of her now, raising up an eyebrows while sighing deeply.

“Lee Yein, right?”

Yein nodded.

“You okay?”


“You know, after yesterday Quidditch game,” said Seokjin, smiled a little. “I’m really sorry about that Bludger. It was one of my teammate who hit it, maybe because he was upset. He didn’t mean any harm, though, but I just—”

“I’m fine.” Yein cutted Seokjin words, not annoyed even for a bit. It was strange. If any other people were confessed the same thing to her, she wouldn’t act like this. She would only nodded, didn’t say anything while silently cursing and being grumpy inside. But right now, instead of being angry, Yein could feel that she was trying to put some smile.


“Really, it’s okay, Seokjin.” She said, playing with her shoes and avoiding Seokjin’s gaze. “Don’t worry. I’m not—“

“Okay, then. You’re fine. Then, will you go with me this Saturday?”


Yein stop playing with her shoes. Her attention was fully on Seokjin now, her eyes were as wide as saucer. Seokjin laughed a little at that, shrugging his shoulder while answering, “You know, Hogsmeade visit. How about having some drink with me? Hot chocolate?”

“I prefer coffee actually,” Yein mumbled, thinking that Seokjin wouldn’t hear it. But she was wrong. She was wrong because Seokjin already leaned a bit closer and smiled widely, clearly heard Yein’s words as clear as crystal.

“Coffee is fine. So, is that a ‘yes’?”



“I just—“ Yein walked back, pushing Seokjin away with one hand. “I prefer coffee, but I really can’t go. I… I need to do my Potion homework, so…”

“I can help you with that.” Seokjin smiled again. “I’m pretty good at Potion, though. It’s kind of my favorite subject.”

Yein didn’t say anything, only stared back at Seokjin.

“And I kinda know that you’re good at Transfiguration.” Seokjin added while scratched his head, try to plead a little. “Just think about it as studying together. Help me with my Transfiguration homework, please?”

And for that, Yein couldn’t say no. She knew very well that doing her Potion homework alone would be hell, and after getting scolded by her Professor, she couldn’t risk her grade again. On the other side, accepting Seokjin’s offer would be a real help. She could just pass her homework to him, then doing Seokjin’s Transfiguration homework instead. It was a good deal, and….

“Hogsmeade at Saturday?” Seokjin asked again, tilted his head a little that Yein couldn’t help but screamed inside. It would be a lie if she said that she hate Seokjin, because in fact, she did have a crush on him.

So, Yein nodded.

“Great! I’ll be waiting in front of school gate then. See ya!” Seokjin beamed, and before Yein could voiced out her protest, he already ruffled Yein’s hair and walked away. Leaving the girl alone, frozed in her place without words.  Yein could felt that her heart was thumping like crazy, that her cheeks was heating up quickly.

She was happy.

Really happy.

And no one could ruin that happiness, except—



“Looks like someone has just got a date, huh? Should we go too at Saturday, Yoongi?”

Ugh, no. It’s cold at Hogsmeade, and you already promised that you will accompany me to take a nap for a whole day.”


“C’mon, Minha, let’s go. You don’t want Yein to notice us, right?”






Uh, well, at least Seokjin didn’t see Yein screamed like that, right?




2 thoughts on “[H-Fic] Definitely (Not) A Date

  1. First kepikiran gini ‘yein kenapa ga berubah jadi cicak aja sih atau jadi lalat atau jadi kutu sekalian gapapa biar ga ketemu Seokjin!!!’ *skip*

    Seokjin ngajak ‘kencan’ gampang banget ya ga ngebayangin apa gimana itu cewek di depannya udah mau melebur aja jadi uap ㅡㅡ YEIN JUGA KENAPA KUDU KECEPLOSAN NGOMONG KOPI SIH???? Mampus dah tu jadi diajak beneran kan. Diiming2in sama bantuin ngerjain tugas pula. Bisaan aja kim seokjin mah ㅠㅠ tapi demi nilai bagus sih ya……………… *labil*
    Sebagian kecil udah ngerusuh di line ya mer. Kan di sini yein mau jaga imej biar keliatan kaya anak baik2 lemah lembut gitu *muntah gapapa yein kasih plastik nanti* XD
    Oh oh oh kan hampir lupa. Bagian ‘…ruffled Yein’s hair…’ APA INI INI APA??!! JANGAN PEGANG2 KAMU! Mana abis itu kabur lagi /.\ ninggalin yein diledekin sama dua orang ituㅡlirik sinis yunha. Awas ya kalian. Ketangkep yein direbus nanti *GAK!
    Udah ah udahan nyampahnya > < nanti mau baca lagi. Biar semaput sekalian yein nya *PFFT
    Makasiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihhh banget banget santapan/? ff super duper fluffnya malem2 gini ya semoga yein mimpi indah XD
    See ya amer~ ^^)/


  2. ‘cursing and grumped’ PFFTHH typical cewek slythering bangetz! (kalo ga salah inget iya kan ya?) dan bacanya tadinya tuh smooth gituu sampe yunha dateng dan emang minta digetok banget, gatau apa hati lagi panas malah makin dipanas panasin /.\
    semoga hogwartsnya jalan terussss yaaa yampun like it ngetz lol


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