[H-Fic] After Match



Kim Seokjin x Lee Yein

another Hogwarts!AU, Fluff | Ficlet | G




The field was full of cheers.

Yein stood in the edge of the field, watching those Quidditch players exchanging hug and smile. Her house—Slytherin—had won against Hufflepuff with difference of twenty points. It was a nerve-wrecking game, but the tense already started to slip away as the members of Slytherin house ran into the field while shouted and laughed.

Except Yein.

Out all of Slytherin’s traits, Yein was best at being cool and distant. Maybe that’s why the Sorting Hat put her in Slytherin, even though Yein herself always thought that she wasn’t ambitious or clever or cunning enough. Well, it’s not that she hate Slytherin, anyway. It’s just that she didn’t really like to shout around and throw insults to the Hufflepuff players. It wasn’t her style.

Oh, well, she even went to the Quidditch match because Minha—her best friends—practically dragged her. And now, that girl was nowhere to see. Yein assumed that she already looked for that certain Chaser named Min Yoongi. Leaving Yein alone, wondering about what she was supposed to do and….



“Look out!!”



Yein blinked.

And suddenly, that boy appeared in front of her. Powerfully swinging his bat, successfully sending a flying Bludger that nearly knocked Yein’s head.


“Quidditch’s field isn’t a place for daydreaming, Miss,” said the boy, turning his attention fully at Yein. Hearing that, Yein only frowned and put her best cold-Slytherin-girl face. She had a right to feel offended, not to mention that the one who saved her was a Hufflepuff’s Beater. Slytherin and Hufflepuff were never been really closed or friendly, so….

“You okay, right?”

And Yein was at lost for word. The Hufflepuff’s boy was smiling oh-so-widely at her, cocking his head a little before adding, “I hope you don’t hurt anywhere. Next time, be careful, ‘kay?”


“Seokjin! Let’s go, Captain!”

Cutting Yein’s words, the Hufflepuff’s team were waving their hand at Seokjin with gloomy face. Surely, they wouldn’t feel happy—being the loser in this match and all. But then, here in front of Yein, their Captain had just saved the opponent team’s house member from danger.

“Coming!” Seokjin yelled back. “Oh, and you—”

“I’m okay,” Yein quickly answered. “Don’t mind me, I’m—”

“Sure.” Another smile, and it was a lie if Yein said that she wasn’t disturbed by that. “See you around… Lee Yein.”

With that, Seokjin walked away. Leaving Yein alone, dumbfounded and confused with the fact that Seokjin knew her name. Once again, Slytherin and Hufflepuff were never meant to be friendly with each other. But hey, that’s not a formal school’s rule or something, right?




Because right now, Yein started to wonder about her next meeting with Seokjin.



Oh, and Minha would surely laughed at this stupid crush of her.




5 thoughts on “[H-Fic] After Match

  1. Ravenclaw girl could be cool and distant too, wonder why the hat sent her to Slytherin. Aaaaaa ((screaming)), and yes that crush make me laugh. seokjin as a captain is, handsome tho (only this came to my mind), I like it, mer!


    • kkkk~ but that’s what yein thought about herself anw, maybe the hat see another traits? ((bcs the real yein really took the test at pottermore and she was sent to slytherin and got mental breakdown and all lol))

      anyway, thanks! 😀


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